Hello, I have a B.S. in Math…

You Are a Calculator

No matter what someone tells you, you’re likely to focus on facts and data.

You’re a highly analytic person. You are only concerned with what you can know for sure.

You look at situations objectively, and you have no problem approaching problems from multiple angles.

You would make a good analyst or investment banker. You are confident enough to make tough calls and hard decisions.


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

11 thoughts on “Hello, I have a B.S. in Math…”

  1. Accounting major here — I’m also a caculator. However, when I re-took it, changing the two answers that I thought I could go different ways with, I was a red pen.

  2. Imagine that! I’m a calculator, too! I guess that is a good thing since I have a B.S. in accounting!! Looks like I chose the right profession!

  3. I’m a coffee mug. “You have loads of energy and stamina. You can zip through the most boring of tasks with complete enthusiasm.You are also great at motivating a group. You are a fearless leader.”You are efficient and productive. You don’t put off tasks or procrastinate. You actually enjoy working.”You would make a good small business owner or startup employee. If a job requires blood, sweat, and tears – then you have some to give.”

  4. Hmm–I was a calculator too, but I’m not sure that’s “right.” I am pretty objective, so that’s right, and as Katrina said, I always try to change some answers when it’s iffy, but I only had one to change and was still a calculator.

  5. You Are a Coffee Mug Let’s hope its laced with some chocolate and whipped cream!peace~elaine

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