Too late, I remember…

For Valentine’s, my husband along with the husbands of three of my friends treated us girls to a trip to the nail salon. They each enjoyed the pampering of a pedicure, me a manicure. Though I could hear my mother’s voice in my head telling me my nails were far too short for such a dark and dramatic color, I threw caution to the wind and had my nails painted a deep chocolate brown.

Oh yes, I felt very trendy indeed.

It’s been probably ten years or more since I had my fingernails painted. So, I figured, why not take a walk on the wild side? And while I’m at it, why not deep and dramatic and trendy?

Years ago, I used to keep my nails perpetually painted, bright red being my color of choice. I guess all the children and all the diaper changing and all the hand washing rendered pretty nails a luxury I couldn’t maintain. The care necessary for keeping nail polish chip free and shiny was more than I could do compared to the care necessary for keeping four children dirt free and healthy. While I once cleaned house with the requisite rubber gloves in order to protect my manicure, I am now satisfied with just getting the house clean. Every once and awhile.

So today, too late, I remember the requisite rubber gloves as I scrubbed my shower (Yes, I did finally clean the bathroom! You may post your congratulations in the comments!). Too late, and I have now ruined my Valentine manicure.

Oh well. It is as it should be. I knew deep, dark, and dramatic, yea even trendy, was beyond my abilities to maintain!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

11 thoughts on “Too late, I remember…”

  1. Too funny! I don’t even bother with the fingernails! I look at women with the perfectly manicured tips and wonder how in the world they manage life! And in the winter, my toenails suffer dreadfully as well! LOL

  2. Oops! That is exactly why I do not do manicures except for my kids weddings (one wedding so far) Ok sometimes I have a manicure for my nieces weddings. I always, always forget my nails are in a pretty state and I try to destroy them immediately. Sometimes I knick them as soon as I leave the salon…

  3. I used to have acrylic nails, but I got so tired of them. Now, it’s RED toes and clear, natural fingernails. And I bring my OWN polish so that when I do mess them up later, I can touch up.

  4. Manicures – total waste for me. I inherited mother’s nails (and maybe grandmother’s or was it Mama Carter’s). Any way, I digress…again….mine chip by the time I get home. Any $$$s I have for such things goes to the toes.And as far as the shower goes – good for you. Big kudos from me. I had this awesome list for today and I think I got to #2. I spent the entire day fighting with computers and home networks. So my house is a mess, which isn’t so bad except I forgot the appraiser was coming today. Oops. She actually expected to see the entire house. Wish my shower had been clean – she even looked in there.

  5. I got a dark manicure too! And since I also did not wear the gloves, it already looks like my 6 year old applied the polish…:))

  6. I also was the girl with perpetually painted fingernails in my former life (before kids). I managed to get a french manicure a few weeks ago and it lasted-until I had to do dishes. At least I didn’t smudge them on the way out of the nail salon like I usually do!LOL

  7. OK. I wrote this long and witty comment and it’s gone, gone, gone!I was just asking what a manicure is. The memory is a little blank about fashion, clothes, and such.

  8. I think I painted my nails once in the last year. And it was mostly chipped or peeled off within three days. Too much work for too little reward. Maybe when the kids are older…or when I hire a maid. šŸ™‚

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