Monday, Monday

I always have grand aspirations for all that I will do and accomplish on a Monday. My to do list on any given Monday is a lofty one, indeed.

It is 5 minutes until noon, Monday morning, and to this point I have only crossed two items off my (lofty) list.

Facebook is a real distraction when it comes to doing and accomplishing on a Monday.

Most Mondays, I am thankful for the opportunity to drop my Monday-morning-grump of a child off at school. Public education does indeed have its merits!

I’m kidding.

Sort of.

Remaining on my (lofty) to do list: making a grocery list (yuck), going to the grocery (double yuck), cleaning out the fridge (triple yuck) and posting on Chapter 3 of Spectacular Sins (no yuck whatsoever, just requiring much deep thought–watch for it later today).

Think I’ll get all that done in the next couple hours?

Told you my Monday plans are often lofty.

Especially when I forget the Facebook factor.

Also on my (lofty) to do list: making out a chore chart for the boys. Sports are over for awhile, we are home every afternoon and evening, so it’s time to crack the whip.


In other news, Amy linked to this post on church plants at Stuff Christians Like (a post which isn’t as funny as some that I’ve read over at SCL, which exists to poke fun at Christian indiosyncrasies with a great deal of sarcasm and humor). I did laugh however, when I read the following advice for church plants:

Do splurge for a professional looking sign if you meet in someone’s home every
week. Something like “We are not a Cult” would be a good option.

Yes, and amen. If you only knew!

Happy Monday!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

6 thoughts on “Monday, Monday”

  1. My Monday list is often formidable as well, but I think my standards are a bit lower. See, “cleaning the fridge” never makes my list. Ever. Unless something spills or rots in the refrigerator. Then I feel compelled to do something about it. 🙂

  2. Occasionally on Mondays I become SO overwhelmed by my to do list, I stay off the computer completely. It’s amazing how much I accomplish without the distracting timesucks of Facebook, Twitter and Blogs.

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