L.M. Montgomery Reading Challenge: Emily of New Moon

For Carrie’s L.M. Montgomery Reading Challenge, I picked up Emily of New Moon from our local library, my only reason for my choice being it was the only non-Anne book available. (That’s Anne of Green Gables for those of you unacquainted with LM Montgomery—a definite must read!)

I have to admit that I was a little skeptical upon beginning reading of Emily’s exploits. They were a little too similar to Anne’s: a young orphan girl living with spinster siblings and having an obsession with naming trees. I even wondered to myself why Ms. Montgomery didn’t have any more imagination than to recreate the same story but with a brunette rather than a redhead?

But I kept reading and it wasn’t long before I was completely enthralled with Emily and her story. True, there are many similarities yet where Anne’s story is light enhanced by funny, Emily’s is light tempered by shadows. She suffers the loss of her father, for example, in the opening chapters of Emily of New Moon. Anne, on the other hand, is an orphan from page one, with no memory of her parents. Emily’s story is said to be somewhat autobiographical which no doubt accounts for the hint of realism in L.M. Montgomery’s prose. Perhaps like Ms. Montgomery, Emily must write and write she does. In fact, her determination to write seems to provide the overarching theme of the novels. Emily is ambitious and proud, determined to be all that Emily of New Moon ought.

I liked Emily–so much so that I devoured the first book in the trilogy and immediately made a trip to the library for the next two: Emily Climbs and Emily’s Quest .

I didn’t like Emily Climbs nearly as well as the other two novels yet all three were great reads. Not to give too much away, but Emily’s Quest was, to me, somewhat frustrating because of the delay of the inevitable. So much time wasted due to a silly misunderstanding only to be resolved in a few scant paragraphs!

Thanks to Carrie for hosting the LM Montgomery Reading Challenge! Anne of Green Gables is a dear friend from my girlhood so I was glad for the opportunity to read more from her creator! If you’re looking for a great series of books, for yourself or your daughter, be sure to check out the Emily of New Moon trilogy as well as our beloved Anne!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

5 thoughts on “L.M. Montgomery Reading Challenge: Emily of New Moon”

  1. I agree with you about Emily’s Quest-I’ve read it many times, but always cringe at the thought of all of that wasted time. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It was cool reading the same books as you were and now having the chance to read your thoughts on them.

  2. I haven’t read these yet. I didn’t even get to the books on my list for the challenge. oh, well!Thanks for adding to my pile of books to read 😉

  3. The Emily Books are probably the least known to my personal reading list. I have heard about them but didn’t really know what they were about…thanks for the lovely enlightenment:)

  4. Yup- I read Emily of New Moon earlier last year and then stopped. I know I should finish it but I experience the same frusteration of the “delay of the inevitable” that I stop, content to leave Emily a young little thing. =D (Maybe I can pretend she never grows up.)Thanks for participating, Lisa. I’ve been thinking about you quite frequently the past few days and have missed getting a chance to really sit down and catch up. We’ll be out of town for a week but when I get back – an e-mail is forthcoming. In the meantime, since you’ve been on the brain just know that I’m praying for you when you come to mind!

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