1. It’s cold. Nine degrees kind of cold when I took the boys to school this morning.

2. When one son has a volcano project due today and another son has jacket buttons that must be sewn before his choir performance this evening, it is a good time to have my mother visit as she is quite skilled at projects and sewing both.

3. I am not, and never will be, a fashionista. Case in point: The other day my son asked me, “Mama, why are you so dressed up?” He was obviously impressed. I was wearing (unironed) khakis, a turtleneck, and, oh yeah, lipstick.

4. Sanctification is an ongoing process. I won’t confess to you how I know this to be true, but I do.

5. My second son is a born performer. My husband and I are both puzzled as to whence he came.

6. I know I’ve mentioned this a time or twenty, but I love coffee. In the mornings, yes. In the evenings, particularly after a really good meal, absolutely. With dessert, especially. When it’s sub freezing outside, fill ‘er up and keep it coming.

7. Did I mention it’s cold?


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

16 thoughts on “Observations”

  1. Brrr! That’s way too cold for me! Of course that’s a warm snap for the North Dakotans who have been pushing -50 this week. What global warming:?!Be sure to read my post from last night. 🙂

  2. It was 14° here this morning when I left for work. Temps aren’t supposed to get out of the 20s for the next couple of days. Yippee! I love cold weather…I guess it’s because I don’t get much of it.

  3. Oh, I love the cold too! Jeans, sweaters, boots, coats–love it all! I much, much prefer the cold to the hot. Funny thing, living in the South as I do…Of course, fifty below may be a tad too cold…

  4. I just polished off a Mocha Latte’ made in my very own kitchen, it was 14 degrees when I opened my eyes this morning, but I’m sure it has warmed but to a balmy 30 or so degrees by now. Isn’t coffee the reason we get out of bed in the morning??

  5. It was 12 here this morning and it was so cold in my house. And coffee, the older I get the more I love it. My first cup in the morning is one of the most anticipated moments in any day.

  6. We’re having a bit of winter weather in Hawaii today. For us that means high surf (30 ft), winds with gusts up to 60 , and some rain. Isn’t it funny that it’s 78 degrees outside and yet all the schools were cancelled and city offices were closed today due to “winter weather”? Crazy!Try to stay warm!

  7. Cold here, too! I am not a fashionista, either. Sanctification? Ask my family–they’ll tell you. And yes, I do love coffee. I would drink it all day long if I could.I think we must be related somehow.

  8. AMEN to the coffee thing. That’s why I like a good rainy day…its a perfect excuse for an extra cup or two during the day (in addition to the morning and after-dinner cups). Sadly, I love coffee this much and I only drink de-caf, non-flavored.

  9. It was minus 2 here yesterday morning. I think we were out of minds moving here. People who have lived here a while say these are record colds, it isn’t usually like this. I can only hope. But I do like winter clothes better than summer clothes, and I get much more chance to wear my sweaters here – and I’m even going shopping for some boots!I’m with you on the fashion thing. That’s about as dressed up as I get, too. And I am clueless when I go shopping. I go brain dead looking for clothes. I’m hopeless. My son hates it when I wear lipstick – probably because he is so unused to it. My husband, however, really likes this one lip gloss I found, and it also helps my chapped lips – what with the minus degree temps and all, so I wear it sometimes.I’ve finally learned to like coffee, too – but only with creamer and sweetener. I don’t think I’ll ever learn to like it plain.Hope you’re staying warm.

  10. This week and this weather have been all proof that there is a God. I was supposed to go to Chicago Wednesday for an overnight stay. First flight was canceled and the second delayed until it didn’t make any sense to go at all. Praise God.I love coffee, but there’s just not enough to have made that trip bearable for me 🙂

  11. Sleeveless in Florida today. We just ordered our favorite flavor coffee off of eBay yesterday. Hope we’ve FINALLY found a replacement for the vendor who no longer makes “Spiced Butter Rum” coffee. We’ve been without it for 4 years. 😦

  12. I had to laugh at #3, since I’m the same way. If I’m every wearing anything other than sneakers or my standard casual clogs, my 2-year-old looks at my feet and says, “Oooo, nice shoes.” And the one time I wore a skirt recently, he said, “Mommy! Legs!” Yeah, I’m a jeans and fleece girl, all the way.Also, it was -9 on Friday and Saturday here. Made me want to move to a Caribbean island.

  13. Thought about you a lot over the weekend. Faced a tough humbling, but am now on the other side of things. Church life can certainly be a buzzard at times.Happy Monday to you~elaine

  14. Funny about the dressed up comment. And coffee. Yes. There is nothing like the first fresh hot cup of coffee when it’s brewed just to my specifications. Yum. I actually starting drinking coffee after dinner. Didn’t take it up in the mornings for a while.

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