Blogger’s block

I’ve set the timer. My time is limited this morning, yet I feel the urge to write something, anything. So I set the timer for the precious few minutes I have before I have to get ready, get out the door, and get on with a very busy day.

So my time is limited. My urge to write is strong. My words…they are gone.

It is frustrating, to have the desire to blog only to sit down, fingers at the ready, and…nothing. I’ve already tried writing of nothing and let’s just say it doesn’t work so well for me.

I think part of my blogger’s block comes from some weirded out, overachieving, perfectionist tendencies that lie deep within my psyche. For instance, it’s come to my attention over the past couple of weeks that far more people that know me in real life are reading my blog than I realized. Which is GREAT! More than once I’ve made the comment that bloggers love readers. We do! (can I get an amen?)

But now I wonder…what do people who know me for real see in these simple reflections? Can I tell you how much I fear appearing the hypocrite? Or inadvertently offending? Am I the same on the computer screen as I am in car line? Maybe I don’t want to go there…

And then there’s the whole Facebook deal. As a result, I feel the (self inflicted) pressure to write something brilliant, to impress, to somehow validate myself to myself, if that makes sense. It doesn’t, I know. Brilliance cannot be mustered up on a whim–as is painfully obvious in this very post…

Eight minutes left…

Whether you see me a few times a week at church or in the stands at a basketball game…whether you knew me way back when our hair was permed and our shoulder pads broad…whether you only know me as a profile pic and an url…I hope what you see here is a very ordinary woman living a very ordinary life, a messy, chaotic, busy, overwhelming life, but an ordinary one just the same. I want to write (blogger’s block, be gone!) with the kind of authenticity and transparency that shows me weak but my Lord strong.

Time’s up!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

15 thoughts on “Blogger’s block”

  1. If you were as shallow as me you wouldn’t have this problem :0)I really do enjoy you for who you are Lisa in bloggy world and would probably enjoy you in real life too…

  2. Well, though you are a profile pic & a URL, you are much, much more to me (i.e. someone who sends me books & the other half of a "failed" Facebook chat ;-). I know we are bosom friends.I know what you mean about wanting to be yourself "on screen" and off. I see that members of my church family click on my blog frequently, and I am always fearful that people will think I'm portraying myself as a superwoman or superChristian on my blog. I pray I am genuine in my blogging, and that above all I honor Jesus at the keyboard and everywhere else.Pretty great post considering you couldn't find anything to say! Love ya.

  3. I so understand your blogger’s block. I’m there far more times than I want to be. I do enjoy your blog, whenever you write, and do enjoy your honesty. Please keep writing!

  4. You’ve said it perfectly, as you always do. Many folks talk about their blogging buddies as “imaginary friends” which I don’t agree with. Makes us all sound like a bunch of 4-year-olds! You are a very real friend, even though I haven’t met you (yet?!). And you are real in more than one way – not imaginary, and certainly not fake. (Unless you are really a waitress at Hooter’s and have us all snowed!)I think this is just one more way Satan attacks us – pride, insecurity, comparing ourselves to others. You bless me every time you hit Publish Post, just by being you.

  5. I don’t know you in real life either, but you are quite transparent through your words, and it is your very “ordinariness” that I can relate to because I feel quite “ordinary” too. Keep up the good work!

  6. I like your ‘ordinary’ posts, too. There are a lot of us ‘ordinary’ people out here needing the encouragement to live faithfully in the midst of the ordinary. I’m having blogging block, too. I just wrote an inane ‘ordinary’ post that wasn’t nearly as well done as yours here just because I haven’t written anything in so long I felt like I needed to write something. Hope you’re having a wonderful, ‘ordinary’ day.

  7. Well I do know you in real life and I love you! Growing up I only saw the Lisa at church or the Lisa leading our Bible Sudy. (And she is AMAZING)But now I feel like I know you on a whole other level. I love reading about the Lisa who has to shop vac puke out of her floor in the middle of the night. Your “ordinary” mom and housewife stories always make me smile and give me encouragement to know that I am not alone in this crazy world of motherhood!

  8. I know exactly what you are talking about! I haven't told many people I know that I have a blog. It is a bit weird to me. My blog friends are like a whole other community separate from my real-life friends. We bloggers are a community of people sharing/exchanging thoughts and ideas with each other. Our real friends & acquaintances seem like outsiders secretly looking into our innermost thoughts, if they are not bloggers, themselves. It seems a bit voyeuristic to me, although if I really minded, I wouldn't be posting them out here for the whole world to see! We are not being hypocritical when we are genuinely writing about what we are striving for, even when we fail. I enjoy reading your blog. I love your style of writing. Just keep writing from your heart. Thanks, also, for the prayers that you have sent up for me and my family. I have felt them. Things are getting better.

  9. Hey there! I found your blog from a link @ Mocha with Linda.I have to tell ya, your description of wanting to write, yet not know what to write about, your desire to be transparent as well as real and dependent on God’s strength, loved it and totally identified with it.Wonderful post!BlessingsRobin

  10. Having people in my real life read my blog has been difficult. I actually tend to be more transparent on my blog about the things I am struggling with than I would be, say, with someone I ran into at the grocery store. I strive to be real, but wonder if I am being too real, and they find me moody and dramatic. The contradiction of how badly I want people to read and how scrutinized I feel when they do, is an ongoing struggle.And then there is my walk with Christ, which doesn’t get as much face time on my blog as it should, because I feel so woefully inadequate to represent Him, being the perpetual mess that I am.And every single post I write takes me FOREVER, so kudos to you for getting this one out in 10 minutes.

  11. Okay, so I set the timer for thirty minutes and it went off more than once before I finally hit “publish.” In other words, writing a post, even off the cuff posts like this one, takes me FOREVER. I am a compulsive self-editor!

  12. There is alot of truth in this blog. You are right that you don’t want to go there……….Are you different in real life(the car line) than you are on the computer screen…… asked the question…not I…….

  13. Anonymous – Your post is really sad. The Lisa that I have been married to for the past 17+ years has remained unchanged in all that really matters – the consistent, passionate pursuit of a holy God and the desire to bring Him glory in all she does. I will pray for you, whoever you may be. I know personally that bitterness has a way of chipping away at our affection for the Lord. May the work of His Spirit root out any bitterness within us all!

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