In which words fail me yet I post anyway

Words fail me. I’ve started three different posts this morning and, to be honest, I’m about to give up if I cannot make any sense on this, my third attempt. Three strikes and I’m so out of here!

Of course I wonder, why force myself? I mean, if the thoughts don’t come, then they don’t come. Perhaps I should just go put on a load of laundry or clean up the kitchen. You know, accomplish something constructive for a change…

Yet I push through with a nothing sort of post, yet another mish mash of blog thoughts, even as I wonder if I will ever return to “real” blogging or not. For now, it is what it is: a few typed words however strained, however forced…

On my agenda for today: Cleaning the bathrooms. Cleaning out the fridge. Going to the grocery store. Walking (like, for exercise). So far, I’ve completed none of those things.

By the way, not long after I posted my “True Confessions,” the sun made its appearance! I thought of Isaiah 60:1, “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.” Not directly applicable, but I always think of that verse when the sun returns after several days of dark and dreary rain.

True confession: I had to go look that verse up. I knew it was in Isaiah but I didn’t know where, though I could have found it quite easily in my old Bible.

I’m curious: do you underline and write in your Bible? I did in my old Bible, but can’t quite bring myself to do so in my new Bible.

Okay, now I’ve really hit the wall. Anyone have any good post ideas? Can you help a sister out?

Could this be one of the most mish mash-y posts out of all my (many) mish mash posts? Don’t answer that. Perhaps tomorrow will bring not only blogworthy thoughts, but words to express them…

Until then, I’m off to put on a load of laundry and clean out the fridge. The glamorous life of a stay at home mom and occasional blogger…


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

10 thoughts on “In which words fail me yet I post anyway”

  1. I underline in my Bible all the time. I have lots of post it tabs on verses that mean a lot to me. My Bible looks like a ticker-tape parade!My word verification is ilightc…which I thought was amusing since you were posting about light.

  2. Yes, my Bible is highlighted, underlined, notated. That’s why I dread getting a new one. I won’t be able to find anything!(We won’t talk about the pride of how spiritual we look when our Bible is all marked up! LOL)If you are having mish-mash posts, sounds like you might as well give us a potato recipe! ;-)I’m always glad to know you are there. What are your guys up to?

  3. You have got to UNDERLINE and put dates in your new Bible..Just do it and then you will love looking back at the dates and see what you were thinking and seeking back then.As for lame today..I need to be doing stuff but can’t bring myself to be productive…

  4. I have to write in my Bible….it’s just how I roll!Maybe you could write a post on something deep like “How not to lose your bloggy cool when you’re out of great ideas!”.I’m just grasping here. I totally know what you mean when the brain seems dry of anything useful to share. 🙂

  5. I too need to go to the grocery store, but really don’t want to leave the house today! I wish my mom were here so I could take a nap! (I’m tired)And I’m like you…my old Bible (which I still use probably b/c it’s so comfortable) is all highlighted and noted. But my new one which is 4 years old is clean as a whistle. Wonder why we do that?

  6. Mocha: Your wish is my command. Stay tuned.Robin: Whatever. “Up and running”, are you?Wanda: Who says I haven’t lost my cool? ;-)L’s L: I wish for you a quick and uneventful trip to the store (or even better, dinner out!) AND a nap! 🙂

  7. No, I don’t underline. I’m weird. It strikes me as strange because…well, why are we setting one verse out to the exclusion of another? I also wind up underlining almost everything…so it is pointless unless you are using some sort of color code to let you know what you are doing.I tend to overthink, in case you didn’t notice.

  8. Ok, so I thought this post was sweet, from the heart and wholeheartedly…REAL.We need to see that you are not always a writing genius!Maybe that’s why this post is so precious….and as far as my Bible. If there was a law against writing in my Bible, I would be on death row.I have had this Bible for eight years now and hate to move on, but it’s about time. I have already spoken to the Lord about this and we have decided that once we find our home church, only then, will I get myself a new Bible.

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