True Confessions

* It was not with a great deal of sadness that I sent my children back to school yesterday.
* In fact, I relished my solitude.
* Though the house did seem pretty quiet without Guitar Hero World Tour blaring from the playroom (and me blaring, “Turn it DOWN!” and “Shut the DOOR!”).
* It was a dark and rainy day yesterday, perfect for laying on the sofa and watching an episode (or two) of “The West Wing” on dvd, should one feel so inclined. I’m just sayin’.
* I am sick of the rain. Oh, sunshine, where art thou?
* I did not miss ironing while my husband was on vacation. Not once.
* Nor did I miss packing lunches and checking backpacks while the kids were out of school. Nor car line for that matter.
* All my Christmas junk stuff fit in the storage boxes without much effort and I was thrilled by the ease of packing it all up.
* It was only until after I had hauled the boxes out to the garage (hurting my back in the process) that I realized not “ALL” my junk stuff had made it to the storage boxes. Grrrrr
* Large green plastic boxes labeled “Tree” boxes at Lowe’s are something of a misnomer, not being large enough to, you know, actually hold a tree.
* I duct-taped the old, dilapidated cardboard tree box back together and decided to worry about a new tree box next year.
* Un-decorating the house after Christmas is worse than decorating.
* I cannot decide what to spend my Christmas money on: Boots? Charms for my charm bracelet? Books? Something for the house?
* Scratch something for the house.
* I am so over stuff for the house, which is why my half bath has been stripped of its border and waiting on a new paint job for well over a year now.
* When I told the (not so very charming) story of me trying to decide what to wear for our charter service Sunday, it was a poor attempt to poke fun at myself.
* I have a hard time nuancing funny.
* Is nuance only a noun or can it be a verb?
* I am trying to eat healthier.
* I’m hungry.
* The box of Cheez Its in the pantry is tempting me.
* I would drink more water if only it tasted as good as sweet tea.
* My boys’ basketball games (both of them) were canceled last night and I was (secretly) glad.
* Last night I dug The Gospel According to Jesus out from under my (ever growing) To Be Read pile and began reading, mainly due to the posts linked here.
* I am terribly behind in responding to emails and let’s be honest here (it’s true confessions, after all), I don’t get just a whole lot of emails to begin with!
* I must get up from the computer and do something a little more, shall we say, constructive.
* Though today is another dark and rainy day, perfect for laying on the sofa and watching an episode (or two) of “The West Wing” on dvd, should one feel so inclined…


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

12 thoughts on “True Confessions”

  1. If I were the one at home I would be inclined to lay on the couch and watch an episode (or two) of NCIS. But, the students here at Troy would not be happy with me, because their bill would not be paid yet. Oh Well

  2. What season of WW are you watching? I have them all on DVD. Love, love, LOVE that show! Many favorite quotes/episodes.I didn’t put out a lot of Christmas decorations this year…took many old ones to consignment. I do hate to undecorate, though.I, too, have a ever-growing pile of books to read (thanks, again!) and not enough time to read them all.I vote for buying the boots.

  3. You know I laughed about discovering the delinquent Christmas “junk stuff” after the boxes were put away. I think it’s an epidemic. Or a conspiracy!Ditto your comments on the water vx. sweet tea. And the packing lunches. And relishing the solitude. And I bet you wouldn’t be surprised to know I’d spend the money on booKs. (Or you could come to Texas. . . .!)

  4. It’s been the sunny/rainy/sunny/rainy kind of day here. The kind where you lose power for two hours, but only the ones in the morning when you were planning to take a nap and let the little one watch something. So I’ve found it a perfect day for sleeping a kid’s bed, or floor, or wherever I’m supposed to be “playing.” Maybe after they go to bed those naps will have given me enough energy to watch a few shows I have waiting… but given the last two days (I’ve slept in five rooms of the house, and usually without intention), I’ll probably check the school bags, make sure I’ve got lunch stuff, and go to bed. On the couch. With the tv on.

  5. LOL. I can SO relate to the Christmas tree. I went to Target to get bins for our two Christmas trees. (Have I mentioned that I love Christmas?) After a very eventful outing with CBT and me trying to get 4 of them out of the store – 4 because I was smart enough to realize that a tree wouldn’t fit in one – I hauled them home waiting for my sweet hubby to help me pack them up.Last night we packed…only to find out only the small, skinny tree would fit. Arrgh 😦 Of course, now I can’t find the receipt for the other 3 bins (because the small, skinny one did fit in one). Duct tape is a wonderful thing.

  6. From one Lisa to another…I relate to your list, too, and am feeling a little guilty at the moment that I’m sitting here at the computer instead of ironing my husband’s shirts. I can tell that my “to read” book list will grow lengthier from checking out your blog. 🙂

  7. This was so very funny, and I’m so glad you shared your thoughts. I totally agree that un-Christmasing the house is so much harder than decorating it in the first place. I have little piles of Christmas stuff all over the place and they are driving me NUTS!

  8. I love your “confessions.” I’m also laughing with Liz…I fell sleep beside the train table this morning while “playing” trains! oops 😉

  9. I am trying to eat better, too; therefore, the Cheez-Its had to leave. I can NOT eat well when they are in my house!And I agree that un-decorating stinks. Which is why I’m still in the middle of un-decorating on January 8th.

  10. LOVE your list! Kids back in school. ahhhh. I can hear the clocks tick. ahhhh.Guitar Hero World Tour. We have no door on our playroom, rather TWO openings. One leading into the kitchen and the other right next to my reading spot in the living room. Not raining here. It’s been HOT. I need to pull out our West Wing DVDs. Thanks for the reminder. Good show! Aaron Sorkin was great. You’d like his other show, Sports Night. He wrote them both at the same time. As of January 2008, my kids pack their own lunch. (most of the time).My Christmas stuff is still out. Tree still up. My tree is stored in 4 smaller plastic boxes. Easier for one person to squeeze them in and out of the attic. I just painted my bedroom. Posted photos on Compendium.I felt guilty about skipping a game last week – until the family came home. The other team was a no-show. Back to life.

  11. I totally find the decorating much harder than the decorating. What is up with that? I vote for books with the Christmas money! Yeah books. ;v)

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