Status Report, New Year’s Day, 2009

Sitting…at my dining room table.

Drinking…coffee, black, though it’s gotten cold and therefore not too appetizing.

Wearing…my pajamas still, though it is late (late!) morning but I do not care as my agenda for the day includes reading with a little blogging on the side.

Slept through…the New Year on the sofa, wakened only by my son’s phone call to come get him and his brother from their friend’s house. My husband was long in the bed at that point. We aren’t exactly New Year’s revelers.

Just finished reading…The Scarlet Pimpernel and loved it. LOVED it. Anyone seen any of the movie adaptations? Any recommendations?

Reading next…maybe The Book Thief because of Joy’s recommendation or maybe A Circle of Quiet because of Jennifer’s recommendation or perhaps Emily of New Moon because of Carrie’s reading challenge, all of which I picked up from the library this week.

Also reading…Brokenness by Nancy Leigh Demoss in preparation for our ladies’ Bible study which will begin in a few weeks (can’t wait!). Let me tell you: this book is so getting in my business! Warning to any of you planning to join us for Bible study: (much, much) conviction ahead! But, conviction is not only necessary but good, the Lord’s kindness to us…

Reading for review…Confident Conversation. Interesting stuff. Guess what, I’m an introvert, but you may have already figured that one out.

Honored …by the Creative (with a “C” not a “K”) blogger award given to me by my blog friend Carrie. She writes that I am the most real blogger she knows. What I am is terrible at passing on awards so I will merely say: Thank you.

Carrie has become a great friend to me as we share not only a birthday (with only a few years in between–ahem!) but a passion for good books and a desire to glorify our God. I am so grateful our cyber paths crossed! Did you know Carrie lives in a log house in Oregon? How cool is that?

Anticipating…chartering as a church this Sunday, the first Sunday of 2009! We will sign covenant and take communion together for the first time. What a journey! It will no doubt be an exciting, emotional day. Oh, may the Lord be glorified in this, His church!

Encouraged…by an email from a fellow blogger that reminded me that there are others who walk a similar path. Isn’t it a relief to know that our journey is one that is understood by another?

Thinking…I should have more to offer by way of New Year’s reflections than a superfluous status report. The thing is, I am unsure how to balance my relief in seeing 2008 transition to the past with the hope and resolve usually accompanied by the turn of the new year. I have written thoughtful, meaningful New Year’s posts in the past, but this year I am wary. I have but a singular purpose for 2009 (and beyond): to follow my Lord Jesus Christ, wherever He leads, whatever He asks, and in a manner that brings Him the most glory. One thing among many I have learned in 2008: the Lord’s ways are beyond figuring out…

May you know the grace and goodness of Jesus Christ in ever greater measure in 2009!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

14 thoughts on “Status Report, New Year’s Day, 2009”

  1. There could be no better purpose. That sums it all up.Um, be careful with that book Brokenness! I had read 2 chapters when my foot broke! :-)Happy New Year!

  2. Looks like you’re now church planting of sorts, yes? That is quite a journey, and one the Lord loves to use in mighty mighty ways! Best wishes for a 2009 filled with the Hope and deep Joy that only our Savior can bring about by His gracious Spirit!

  3. Hi from another introvert who’s doing the LMM reading challenge – I’ll look forward to reading your thoughts. Happy 2009!

  4. Ahhh Lisa…very well said!I have a completely different perspective this year than I did last year.Somehow I knew….(last year) that a rough road lay ahead. This year….I feel excited and free.I can’t wait to make it a great year for myself and my family…and all that we come in contact with. May we be Jesus to our world.

  5. I tried reading The Book Thief a year or so ago and couldn’t get into it. I think I might be missing something? And… just by blogging a status report you are doing better than me. I don’t feel even the slightest urge to post even one word. Wishing you all God’s best in 2009!

  6. Oh, my! We DO have a lot in common…more than being moms to all boys. I heart “Scarlet Pimpernel,” especially the DVD version with Jane Seymour. In fact,it was # 2 on my “List of Things I Want for Christmas,” which I posted Dec. 17 and 19! I haven’t made resolutions for 2009 but today I posted my blogging prayers for the year.

  7. I would say you wrapped up this status report beautifully, Lisa! That should all be our goal, to follow the Lord wherever He would choose to lead us. Your new years sounds about like ours except I didn’t have to go get any of the kids. Yipee. :v)

  8. Happy New Year, Lisa. I find your posts encouraging, too.You have a few books on there I want to read – Brokenness and Confident Conversation, especially. I’m an introvert, too.

  9. Ok- I wore myself out this CHristmas season. And I can’t remember the last time I was actually awake at midnight to welcome in the new year. ;D So I totally get you there!This year I THOROUGHLY enjoyed the Christmas season and I am equally enjoyign the fact that it is over. =) I’m tired.

  10. Too cool – Grace, I love the Jane Seymour version, also. Anthony Andrews is awesome in it. After one particularly hard semester in college, I am embarassed to say I watched it 7 times one weekend.Happy New Year – looking forward to seeing your mom and dad tomorrow.

  11. Here’s another vote for the Jane Seymour version 🙂 I love that movie…gonna have to go watch it now!I wish I could be there to participate in the new Bible Study. And I’ll be thinking of you on Sunday! How exciting!

  12. I’ll throw in another vote for the Jane Seymour version of Pimpernel. It’s a little campy in places (i.e., Jane Seymour’s wigs throughout the movie), but Anthony Andrews is now forever engraved upon my memory as The Scarlet Pimpernel, and Ian McKellen plays a wonderful Chauvelin.

  13. Lisa,I have learned to keep my spiritual status reports at the beginning of each fresh, new prayer journal. I am starting it tonight..should be a doozy!Happy New Year, new friend.

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