Monday Mish Mash, post Thanksgiving edition

Rainy days and Mondays…how about snowy days and Mondays? Yep, that’s right! This morning I did something I’ve done only rarely: I drove the kids to school in the snow! So it was partially rain, okay mostly rain, but wintry precipitation nonetheless! And can I just say that people in Alabama do not know how to drive in such? You would not believe (our small town version of) the traffic! Yes, you Yankees accustomed to snow and the like would no doubt laugh at us. For the record, I wasn’t laughing while following somebody’s grandma going 15 mph…

Speaking of the record, I logged in five loads of laundry yesterday–washed, dried, folded and put away. That wasn’t all of it though; I still had one load in the washer and one in the dryer that I had to finish this morning. Of the many things I am thankful for this season, surely large capacity washers and dryers make the list. A family of six out of town for five days and four nights can generate some laundry!

Speaking of being out of town, our Thanksgiving was full of all that makes Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving: food and family. Lots of food. I think my kids OD’d on sodas and sugar! And yeah, they probably weren’t the only ones. Except for a rainy day on Saturday which made for some restless, cooped up, short tempered boys (and parents), we had a great trip, though it was so good to get home.

Speaking of Saturday, all mention of a certain football game between certain rival schools here in our state is not-such-a-good-idea in our home. Oh, I kid. Really, I do. Though they were certainly disappointed (and frustrated), my men are looking on to next year…

Speaking of next year, how in the world is it DECEMBER already? My word, 2009 is right around the corner! I only just now got used to writing “2008”! Of course, December ranks as my most despised month of the year (with all due apologies to Carrie and the rest of you who revel in the season!). I think our next blank calendar day with ZERO obligation (so far) is the 22nd. So, the next 21 days will be a whirlwind of basketball games (times 3 players), birthdays (2 of my boys), parties, meetings, and running the usual school / church / practice taxi routes. Plus shopping (*shudder*). And decorating (*double shudder*).

Okay, let’s move on before I get all stressed or something…

Last night I finished “Cotillion” by Georgette Heyer, a book for review over at 5 Minutes for Books. On the back cover, Heyer’s books are described as “the next best thing to reading Jane Austen.” Evidently she has written numerous Regency novels, but comparing her to dear Jane sets the bar pretty high. I have to admit, it started slowly, but by the end I was hooked. While I will write a fuller review in the future, I will say this: I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it!

I just realized I never wrote an official Thanksgiving post, though I have certainly enjoyed reading many of yours out there in blog land! Truly I have much to be grateful for: a husband who loves me completely despite me, four boys who have blessed and enriched in my life in ways unimaginable, family, friends…but over and above these, to know the Life that is truly Life, Jesus Christ, His grace and His mercy poured out on the cross to purchase my salvation…thanks be to God for His indescribable Gift of His Son!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

7 thoughts on “Monday Mish Mash, post Thanksgiving edition”

  1. Yeah, football is not such a good topic here in central Texas either. Nor are the initials BCS.I’m kinda joining you on the bah-humbug trail this year. With all the stuff that’s happened in our lives this fall, and with a cast until the 12th (and a boot for who knows how long after that) it’s sounding like more work than fun.

  2. is that as in alabama state and auburn?? i spent thanksgiving in AL back in 2000. :)i wonder if you’d enjoy christmas/december more in my neck of the woods…at least you could leave behind the miserable winter!on the craziness of december, at my previous church (a lot bigger and more activity-focused than my current one), i used to say that when i got married, i thought we would forgo all christmas presents and just go away for the entire month of december as a family so as to be out of reach of all the parties and break-ups and yada…sounds like a great idea, hey?! šŸ˜‰

  3. It was a terrible football weekend considering my Dawgs stunk it up again. And your kids went to school? Mine were out!! It’s been such a fine day round my house..uggh.

  4. Well, we have snow and lots of it but the kids still went to school. I wasn’t quite ready for it…I am not wanting winter weather just yet. I agree December has come fast this year. We are taking a trip to see family again, so less decorating and shopping this year for me and I have to say I am a little bit too happy about it. šŸ™‚

  5. Oh, you know I love this season! We cut way back on the shopping this year, and that has made my attitude much better.As for football…we lost to our in-state rivals, too. šŸ˜¦ But my Steelers pulled off an upset! So I was all better by Sunday.Love ya!

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