Things I should be doing:

  • Cleaning the bathroom
  • Scraping the burned-on mess off the stove from when my chicken noodle soup boiled over last night
  • Preparing to teach the 2nd-6th grade class at church Sunday night
  • Helping my son with his biome project (ugh!)

Things I am doing instead:

  • Blogging
  • Cruising Facebook
  • Procrastinating

Things I wish I were doing:

  • Reading a really, really, REALLY good novel
  • Writing a charming and compelling blog post

Things my kids wish we were doing:

  • Buying “something” at WalMart
  • Going out to eat for supper

Things I am considering doing:

  • Baking a dark chocolate cake and/or some pumpkin bread

Things I will be doing in the near future:

  • Stressing over packing
  • Traveling to my husband’s family’s homes to celebrate Thanksgiving
  • Eating too much

What are you doing?


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

13 thoughts on “Doings”

  1. *Fixing to upload my new Point of Grace & Travis Cottrell Christmas CD's in my iPod*Finishing packing up for my girl and I to head on to my MIL's as soon as she gets out of school. (The guys will come Thursday AM)*Being glad I'm not still on crutches, but. . .*Trying to keep my back & hip in alignment as I hobble around with this cast*Wishing I could have a cup of coffee & some of your dark chocolate cake – & most of all a visit – with you!Have a wonderful & blessed Thanksgiving!!

  2. Tip for cleaning spilled messes that fry on your stovetop..if you haven’t tried this already, place a wet papertowel or rag on the mess, let it sit there for awhile. It will be a lot easier to scrub away… :0)Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Lisa!!

  3. Well, I’m on my computer, and between visits to blogs I enjoy, I’m working on a writing project…and thinking about the guest room I need to get ready for our Thanksgiving week guest, and the Pumpkin Pies I need to bake… and tonights supper…which I don’t yet know what that will be, and picking up my grown son (who is on crutches) (see my post today) from work. Have a lovely Thanksgiving, Lisa.

  4. Procrastinating on making Taco soup for dinner by wasting time on the internet. Not that your blog is wasted time. But you know. And then after dinner we are all going to watch Polar Express and drink Hot Chocolate which is also wasting time in a way, but kinda awesome too.

  5. Sewing…getting ready to spend Thanksgiving with my inlaws…laundry…helping my husband set up his new Facebook account…eating leftovers to clean out the fridge… And wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving filled with God’s presence.

  6. Reading blogs, getting ready to eat breakfast. Spending the day with my mother-in-law before heading to my parents.Looking forward to a huge lunch and then big football family touch football tomorrow. Give my love to all your family.

  7. I’m sitting in my pajamas still. I’m a teacher out of school for Thanksgiving. What can I say?I’ll be packing later today, but for now I just want to veg on the internet, read your blog and others, and slowly start my day…for a change.

  8. Well, I’m reading this on Thanksgiving Day so I am blogging and COOKING! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a great weekend.

  9. “Helping my son with his biome project” That is enough to make me want to go to bed right there. School projects… ugh!

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