Status Report–November, A Reprise

Sitting…on the sofa in front of the electric heater. It’s cold.

Drinking…coffee. Black. You may wonder, as Melissa did, about my preference for Peppermint Mocha creamer. I do love it, but only occasionally. At night in a cup of decaf especially. I am at heart a purist and prefer my coffee black. And strong.

Feeling…some better. After a week of fighting the cough and congestion to no avail, I relented and went to the doctor, got a shot and a handful of meds and now consider myself on the mend.

Wondering…if my new foundation makeup is a little too yellow? Perhaps my real life friends will let me know if I’m looking a little jaundiced…

Figuring out…how to use a foundation brush with my new foundation. The girl who sold me the makeup asked me what I used to apply it and was surprised at my use of a sponge. “I only thought most people used brushes with the liquid foundations,” she informed me. Yet further proof I am falling behind the times!

Reading…Worldliness, edited by CJ Mahaney. Some convicting stuff! I’ll probably post a quote or two soon. I read the chapter on media while at the doctor’s office with the E! news channel blaring. The contrast couldn’t be more stark!

Dreading…the holidays. I know, I know–there are good things, things worth savoring and enjoying and celebrating, things like food and family and the Son of God come to earth. But there’s stress too and I still can’t figure out how to hang on to the good and lose the stressful!

Honored…by this award from Kristy, the southeast country wife.

It is the Marie Antoinette–A Real Person award, which is as described in Kristy’s post: This goes to those bloggers who let everyone else see the real you…not just what others want to read…you are truly…real people who let everyone inside your daily life…full of joy and struggles.

To be considered authentic is one of the highest compliments she could give me! I want what I write here to be real! Speaking of being real, do you read Kristy’s blog? She’s a sweet young thing from Australia, a newlywed widowed after only a few months of marriage. Her story is heartbreaking, her struggle is real, and her faith is being refined. She too is one who blogs with authenticity and I’m glad our blog paths crossed!

Pondering…Zechariah’s prophecy over the baby John the Baptist in Luke 2:78-79, where he speaks of “the tender mercy of our God, whereby the sunrise shall visit us from on high to give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet in the way of peace.” What a beautiful picture! Jesus, the Light of the world…


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

11 thoughts on “Status Report–November, A Reprise”

  1. Goodmorning, Lisa! I so agree with you on the holidays… part of me feels excited and the other really wanting to rebel against all the commercialism of it all…. So glad you are on the mend… bless you, girl!Amy

  2. My mom always accuses me of “adulterating” my coffee because I always add cream and sugar. I just can’t handle it black…Glad you’re feeling better and hope you’re 100% mended very soon. 🙂

  3. I’ve always loved the holidays, but the last year or two I have so wanted to de-clutter them and focus on what they’re really about. And with the broken foot, I really dread the whole get-the-tree-&-decorate-it process!I echo Kristy's sentiments about your blog. . . .and I, too, have been touched by her struggle.Glad you are turning the corner on the crud!

  4. I love good coffee strong, as well, but I make it rich with half-and-half. No flavored creamers, please, NO skim milk — half and half or nothing (no coffee at all).

  5. Glad you are feeling better. Looking forward to your post on “Worldliness” – I am hoping to get that book. And what great verses to ponder, I’m going to read those this morning! 🙂

  6. It’s cold here, too; glad you’re feeling better; kind of agreeing with you on the holidays this year. Walmart was playing Christmas carols and had the Christmas trees out the day after Halloween. Skipped right over Thanksgiving.

  7. I am a little uncertain about the holidays this year also..The last few have made me crazy with all the decorating..I plan to simplify but..we will see…Great thoughts..I always love reading your blog…always makes me think !

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