In which I seem to have forgotten I blog

Hello! Anyone out there?

I seem to have forgotten that I blog (or something that occasionally resembles blogging)! Even as I type, I know that I have nothing to say. However, I feel this compulsion to pop in and say…well, I don’t know what, except that I’m here, though still without any post-worthy words!

I may not be blogging, but I have been thinking. Too much. For instance, I’ve been thinking of writing a post on all the things one never expects when one finds oneself on the splitting end of a church split. I won’t, I don’t think, but I thought the title “Split Decisions” might be catchy, plus it makes for some deep reflection.

Actually, I’ve drafted a post along those lines but I’m thinking it’ll stay there in the draft pile, for now at least.

Speaking of deep thinking, you know that mirror post I reposted a week or so ago? I stumbled on it when I was searching for this mirror post. I was thinking to myself that the last few months have served as a mirror of sorts and let’s just say the reflection hasn’t been pretty. Conviction is rarely pretty. Or pleasant. Good and necessary, absolutely. Fun, not so much.

Speaking of not-so-pretty-nor-so-pleasant, that’s been my mood for the most part. Hence, not much blogging. Whatever I find to write usually makes the turn from my usual melancholy to melodramatic and, good grief, who wants to read that? See how I can forget I blog? You can thank me in the comments.


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

5 thoughts on “In which I seem to have forgotten I blog”

  1. Well HELLO!And, for the record, I like you in all moods. You think I’m being polite?Not so! You are appreciated ALL of the time!

  2. Nope, I thank you for typing any post, today and any day! You made me smile with “my usual melancholy to melodramatic and, good grief, who wants to read that?”I’m right there with you. Awhile ago I was reading the book “Brokenness” by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. I can take about one chapter at a time – then I had to take a nap and then come check blogs! LOL

  3. You and I must have similar temperaments. I have a very difficult time blogging when I’ve got tough stuff going on in my life. Usually, it’s stuff I can’t talk about on a blog, so I’m not always sure what to say.Just wanted to say you’re not alone.

  4. WE want to read whatever you have to write, dear friend! The melancholy posts and the over-the-top with exuberance posts!And, as you have, I think I have forgotten that I even have a blog. Oh, me… maybe one of these days…

  5. And oh my word, that wasn’t seth. that was CINDI! I don’t think that’s ever happened before, but I guess I have some investigatin’ to do. I did not know my son had a blogger name. hmmm.

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