A few of my favorite things, for this week

Each week my blog friend Susanne of Living to Tell the Story hosts the Friday Fave Five–a list of your five favorite things of the week. So, here’s mine:

1. The end of soccer season. I love soccer season; I do. I am the quintessential soccer mom but, as you well know, all good things must come to an end. It was time.

2. The best salsa I have ever put in my mouth–EVER. My second son’s team had an end of season party and one of the parents who owns/runs a Mexican restaurant brought a tub of chips (which he probably made) and salsa (which he did make). I’ve had lots of salsa in my day, and this was so good I nearly licked my plate.

3. The Rook. I finished reading it last Friday on the edge of my seat, holding my breath, with my heart pounding. If you like suspense/mystery/thriller, then go get it. I think you’ll be glad you did. You can watch for my upcoming review over at 5 Minutes for Books. (Steven James’ first Patrick Bowers’ book, The Pawn, is good too.)

4. Chris Tomlin’s song “Praise the Father, Praise the Son.” I listened to it three times in a row this morning on the way home from taking the kids to school. Good stuff.

5. Microsoft Outlook. I’ve always used it for my email and my husband has been urging me to use the calendar application but I’ve always balked, preferring one posted on the fridge with each square full of scribbled obligations. Well, this week I’ve crossed over. It’s baby steps as I wean myself from the old habits that die hard, but so far? I’m loving it. I may find myself organized yet!

What are you loving this week? Post your five favorite things and link up over at Susanne’s!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

12 thoughts on “A few of my favorite things, for this week”

  1. Hi Lisa! Yum salsa! We always judge a Mexican restaurant by their salsa.I’m going to have to put Rook on my list.I have been so enjoying Chris Tomlin’s new cd. “The name above all other names!”Have a fun weekend…

  2. I heard tell there was a new Chris Tomlin CD. (I’ve been enjoying Jesus Messiah on the radio.) Is this song you mentioned from the album and should I rush out and buy a copy? LOL-ing over you licking your plate for the salsa!HAPPY WEEKEND (at last!!!)

  3. Hey Lisa, I’m so glad you joined in! I love your list. Salsa is one of my favorite things. Yummy. And I totally understand #1 except around here it was basketball. At least it was indoors. :v)I’ve been humming and hawing about the calendar application too. You may just have inspired me to give it a go.

  4. Hi Lisa!Salsa sounds yummy! I’m getting hungry just reading everyone’s fave 5. Congrats on going digital with the calendar, my hubby is still working on that.Happy Friday!

  5. I too am glad soccer season is over. Love it, but was ready for a break.I have not been much of a blogger lately…busyness šŸ™‚

  6. Blessings Lisa…I’m so glad Chris Tomlin made your top 5…cuz I love Chris and I could listen 3 xs or more! Salsa…GREAT when it’s authentic! Soccer…my favorite fall sport!

  7. Oh, I love Chris Tomlin’s new CD, “Hello Love.” At our recent finish to fall bible study, I had my friend, Michelle, sign the song (forgot the title) that says, “holy, holy, Lord, God Almighty, early in the morning we will sing…” (the really long one with a punch at the end…you know). Anyway, it was so powerful to watch her sign the words; when I hear it on my ipod while running, I can’t help but sing along with hands raised to the heavens. I can’t tell you how many waves I’ve received from cars passing by thinking I was noticing them. Not. Hard not to notice Jesus with a song like that, don’t you think? peace~elaine

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