The Word

I got a new Bible.

I recently pulled my old Bible off the shelf to look up something, I can’t remember what. It is, shall we say, in a well loved condition, meaning of course, the binding is broken, the pages wrinkled and the leather more than a little worn. The gold has long rubbed off the edges and the glue has long given way. Stuffed within are various words of wisdom scrawled on church bulletins so as not to be forgotten and bookmarks made with love by my children.

On its pages are many scribbled notes, underlined verses, and even a stain or two or three. In Isaiah there are cat urine stains and I do not lie. Many years ago I had left my Bible open on the dining room table when we went out of town only to return to find the cat had gotten in the house and left its mark. I got the smell out (Truly a miracle, thank you Lord!) but the stain remains.

The pages of that Bible contain not only the life giving eternal words of the life giving eternal God, but also chronicle to some degree my journey of faith. I see an underlined verse with an scrawled piece of commentary written in blue pen in the margin and I can know that right there the Lord spoke and I heard.

The Word is precious to me and I speak not of glue and paper, but of the living, eternal Word that is sharper than a two edged sword, sufficient for teaching and training the man (and woman) of God for every good work. I say with the psalmist that His Word is a light to my path and more precious to me than thousands of pieces of silver and gold. Because of the proclamation of His Word, I have heard the gospel of Jesus Christ and believed. I have seen the glory of the Word, Jesus, the One and Only and I have rejoiced. Knowing Him through His Word is a delight.

So I have a new Bible and as I open its pages and inhale its newly minted fragrance, I wonder if I will mark these pages as I did my former. I wonder which pages will become wrinkled as I cling to the Truth they contain. Where will my journey take me and what promises will be my lifeline? I cannot know, yet I am confident of this: as I seek Him in His Word, He will be faithful to reveal Himself to me. I will know Him in ways I cannot imagine.

I can’t wait.


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

16 thoughts on “The Word”

  1. As much as I love brand new things (and how good they smell!) I hate breaking in a new Bible. I can’t find where anything is! LOL

  2. I have my first Bible that I used for serious study and it has long pasted useability (is that a word?)Anyway, I wouldn’t take anything for it. The notes of a 14 year old new christian is something I’ll always cherish.By the way, did you get the ESV study bible?KC

  3. Corey got me a new Bible about four years ago for Christmas. I took the next 12 months and slowly transcribed all my old margin notes into my new Bible. It was a sweet time between me and my God. His faithfulness shined through memory after memory. May He continue to bless you as you study and ginosko His word.

  4. The ladies of my Tuesday night study bought me a new Bible 4 years ago. It’s already worn out. I could use another one, but refuse to part with this one just yet. I don’t think the publishers every intended for it to get such a workout!peace~elaine

  5. I’m saving my ‘worn out bibles’ to give as a keep sake to my children one day – when they are old enough to appreciate them that is. perhaps when they are 50? :))how are you loving the ESV study bible?

  6. You got the new ESV study bible? I thought about it, but the font size is small enough that I have to take my glasses off to read it (I’m in the bifocal fuzz stage right now…), so I recently opted for an ESV single column reference bible with wider margins. I felt pretty much the same opening it.I have a huge coffee stain in my old on in the Psalms from reading in bed.

  7. Wow. This made me think of my old bible and all the places it takes me when i open it. Bless you as you continue your journey with your new bible!

  8. Hi Lisa! Great post–I hate changing Bibles because I get so attached to the old ones. I also popped over to say congrats about getting picked by Lysa TerKeurst. Woo hoo to you!! 🙂

  9. Loved this thoughts. It is bittersweet to move to a new Bible. I having been “breaking in” my new Bible over the past few days.

  10. Like the new look. It has been awhile since I was by. I noticed you visited me recently. So kind of you. Mothers of four sons must stick together. I love getting new bibles and have to resist urges to buy a new on all the time.

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