The Mommy War

Yesterday I wrote a draft post lamenting the fact that I never get “anything” done. Finding balance and knowing what’s important (and what’s not) are constant struggles. As is the feeling of irrelevance. And the (seemingly) dull repetition. Then last night I read the following from Radical Womanhood: Feminine Faith in a Feminist World by Carolyn McCulley. Perhaps you will be challenged as I was (am):

You may be a mother and in the thick of rearing children right now…your daily life may consist of dozens of repetitive tasks that feel so mundane and irrelevant. You kiss boo-boos, you make dinner, you do dishes, you answer a homework question, you drive to soccer practice, you read a good-night story, you do laundry, you make dinner again. Unglamorous daily tasks and unimportant in the big picture, you may think.

This is absolutely not true! You are engaged in spiritual warfare, battling against beliefs and philosophies that slander God’s name and tarnish His gifts to us…By giving life and nurturing life, you are reflecting the life-giving characteristics of our holy God! Made in His image, you are reflecting Him when you care for the lives He has created.

…This applies to those of us who are childless too. Whether you are not yet married, or married but not yet pregnant, or single or widowed and past the age of bearing children–whatever season of life you are in, you are still part of the great community of believers, who are called to witness to the majesty of God…It may be quite bitter right ow not to have children of your own, but I ask you to consider how strategic you can be even now. Where can you stand against the Devil’s schemes and invest in the children God has already put in your life? So many hurting children exist and so many are being discarded. In the mommy wars, every believing woman needs to enlist.


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

7 thoughts on “The Mommy War”

  1. Thank you for sharing this today. After reading your post about Radical Womanhood I ordered the book and I’m eagerly looking forward to it’s arrival. We need to hear this!

  2. I LOVE that! When I speak, I often come from the perspective of a mom and I feel so uncomfortable about the fact that there are some listening who don’t have that perspective. This is really wonderful! Thank you!(You know I couldn’t leave you stranded with an ugly link. I made you a pretty one.)Tomorrow’s Thursday again and this is a great quote . . . I’ll make you a pretty link again . . .

  3. Hello, Friend!Mommy War it is! And I am so stinkin’ mad at the enemy for trying to mess with this family!Praise God he doesn’t win!

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