Until next time

Last night I dreamed. It was one of those vivid, was-it-real kind of dreams in which I, along with a group of people following me, had to get somewhere, a tee shirt shop of all things, but I had no idea where to go nor how to get there. I was frantically turning this way and that, the anxiety and frenzy nearly making me hysterical. At one point we were in a crowded stairwell, crushed in on every side by a swell of people pushing, mashing, squashing. I was terrified of losing those following me as well as losing my way…

It is something of a metaphor I think. My life is crazy: hurried and hectic, frantic and frenzied. Just like in my dream, I must lead and I must lead well, particularly in my roles as mom and keeper of my home. But just like in my dream I’m not sure where to go and nor how to get there, and sometimes I feel nearly crushed by the weight of the opposing forces that surround me. I fear losing the grasp of something precious to me…

I’ve told you many times before that blogging is primarily an outlet for me to express in words the twists and turns of my journey with the Lord. Lately this journey has brought me to places that are difficult to express openly here in a forum like this. It is a hard thing, then, for a blogger like me to not write of those things weighing most heavily on the mind and heart. Attempting to write of other things, substantive or not, feels forced, unnatural and a little like pretense. Thus the dearth of much posting around here lately.

So what I’m saying is this: I’m taking another hiatus. Maybe a week. Probably more like a month. Maybe more. I can’t know at this point. I will continue reading and reviewing over at 5 Minutes for Books, but for now, for however long, I will be taking a break from this site.

And to my friends, both real and virtual, know that though I may be on vacation as a blogger, I am not on vacation as a friend! As I’ve told you before, our friendship and camaraderie are gifts for which I am profoundly grateful–that has not changed!

Until next time…

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end;
they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.
Lam. 3:22

Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

16 thoughts on “Until next time”

  1. Oh! Sad. I’ll miss you so. But I understand. I have been on a hiatus of sorts as well. Although I am hoping to carve out some time to end it soon. I miss writing. I’m always here, by email, if you need me friend. Don’t be a stranger.

  2. I’m praying for you Lisa. I know what it’s like to need to close up shop and just be with Jesus. I enjoy your blog, your heart, and your honesty. Not that we even know each other but I wanted to let you know that if there is anything you need prayer for, please email me. My email is on the side bar of my blog.

  3. I will miss you, but I absolutely understand. I look forward to the day you return, and you’ll continue to be in my prayers until then. And I’m just an email away, friend.

  4. I’ll join the “We’ll Miss You” chorus. But I also understand. Sometimes, we just need to write for an audience of One. We’ll be here when or if you come back. I care about you too much to drop you now.

  5. Oh, Lisa! I’m sorry things have been crazy! I’ll definitely miss hearing from your heart!!! Would love to keep connected – please let me know via email how I can be praying for you! with love,

  6. Sounds like someone has hurt your feelings by commenting on your blogs or in some other fashion. The answer is not to quit blogging, which is the same as running from problems or issues. Kinda the way you did with your church.

  7. I don’t think Lisa is running from anything. I think she is putting her family first right now and could covet all our prayers for her stand. Anyone who really knows Lisa, knows that she has one goal in her life and that is to be completely in God’s will for her life. She has been an inspiration to me many times in the years I have known her.

  8. I personally do not understand why someone would say something so hurtful and not own up to it.Anonymous commentors that leave negative comments are cowards – pure and simple.You do what God leads!

  9. As I am returning to blogging, I will miss your posts! I have been there, though, and know breaks are necessary. Looking forward to your return, Lisa! During your break, I will take the opportunity to check out the posts I have missed:)

  10. By all means; take a break from the blog! I know exactly how you feel, as you know, as I have gone through a very similar experience within the last year or so. It is hard to write ‘other things’ when something is weighing so heavily on your mind and especially when you can’t really express what IS on your mind.We have a great High Priest Who knows all, understands all, and is infinitely able to comfort and guide and sustain you each and every day. I know I’m preaching to the choir, but as someone farther along this particular road, I want you to know that God is so wonderfully faithful and the loving-kindness of Christ is infinite!Love you,Praying,Kim

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