What I was trying to say, only better

Did y’all catch Joy‘s comment on my post yesterday? Here is what she said:

If I, who am so not cut out to be a mother of four, who has not a domestic bone in her body, can find a way to be not only content in my current calling as a keeper of my family, but also to find joy and purpose there, then I know it must be only from Him. For every fiber of ME says I should be doing something else. Something a better fit for my talents, my personality, my desires.

Only through God could I ever hope to find my purpose in this. It’s a constant struggle for me to release my own ideas of what God could use me for and accept His ideas instead. My ideas were much more glamorous.

EXACTLY. That’s just what I was trying to say yesterday, only she said it way better. And if you’re a regular reader of her blog, you know that’s not so unusual. Thanks, Joy, my blog friend, for expressing my thoughts so well!

But whatever former things I had that might have been gains to me, I have come to consider as [one combined] loss for Christ’s sake. Yes, furthermore, I count everything as loss compared to the possession of the priceless privilege (the overwhelming preciousness, the surpassing worth, and supreme advantage) of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord and of progressively becoming more deeply and intimately acquainted with Him [of perceiving and recognizing and understanding Him more fully and clearly]. For His sake I have lost everything and consider it all to be mere rubbish (refuse, dregs), in order that I may win (gain) Christ (the Anointed One), and that I may [actually] be found and known as in Him, not having any [self-achieved] righteousness that can be called my own…

Philip. 3:7-9, AMP


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

3 thoughts on “What I was trying to say, only better”

  1. Awww. Sniff, sniff, Thanks Lisa. Your words were the inspiration for my words. You don’t give yourself enough credit. God is constantly revealing Himself to me, through you.

  2. I just read your last 2 posts.Amazing, sometimes I feel the same way and I am 57 days away from my ’50th’ birthday.Why do we feel like we have to ‘accomplish’ something big? Being obedient in what God calls us to is the greatest accomplishment of our lives.

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