On comments, anonymous and otherwise

I like comments. Most bloggers do. Comments provide feedback and remind us that there really are real live readers out there and that we do not blog in a vacuum (though this blogger will blog over vacuuming any day). We who blog are like anyone else; we like to know what we do resonates and comments are one way to provide that gauge.

Of course, comments can be tricky things, particularly given our (okay, my) propensity to measure our (my) effectiveness by the rise and fall of the comment count. You know you’ve done it. I sure have–poured my heart into what I perceived to be a deeply meaningful post only to have little or no reader response. When that happens, I sometimes begin to question my word skills as well as the whole point of the post.

Yes, I really am that insecure sometimes.

Unlike some bloggers–who have their own reasons–I allow anonymous comments. As I said, I enjoy the feedback so I want to be able to encourage the posting of comments whether one is a blogger or not. I have non blogging friends who read and actually comment from time to time and I want them to continue to do so. Actually, please do so! Any (civil) comment you would like to make concerning my thoughts and ramblings here is welcome.

However (and you knew there was a caveat coming), I’d like to ask that you refrain from using the comment section for sparring, particularly if you do so anonymously. I encountered one such incident recently here at Lisa writes… and though it could be considered mild in comparison to what I’ve seen on other sites, I’ve since deleted the whole exchange. See, it’s my blog. I can do that. Really, it’s the beauty of having your own site: you can post what you want and you can delete what you want. Anonymous jabs, particularly anonymous jabs that specifically target another commenter, will be deleted.

Just keepin’ it real. And respectful.


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

8 thoughts on “On comments, anonymous and otherwise”

  1. You go girl! I recently deleted a comment/rant that included the words “it’s parents like YOU . . . ” FirstHusband had read the comment and wondered how I would handle it. When I told him I deleted it, he was surprised – I didn’t want to respond? nope. It’s my blog and I’ll delete if I want to. It’s my hate free zone. One of my readers might have responded and then . . . I had written something in a way I thought was witty and they took me seriously. It was obvious this person hadn’t read anything but that one post and they probably wouldn’t be back anyway.

  2. I am with you on the comments, friend! Love ’em! I’ve had a couple bizarro things happen on my comment page, but nothing like “sparring”! Yikes, and bless your heart for addressing this head on.BTW, my kids start school in two days and I feel like I’m drowning (re: your last post). We just got back from the beach–trying to grab every last piece of summer we can–and now it’s crunch time!Hope your little people have a great year!

  3. Amen, girl. So far, I’ve been fortunate. Which is good because my skin isn’t as thick as I would like. Great insight and comments.

  4. Amen, girl. So far, I’ve been fortunate. Which is good because my skin isn’t as thick as I would like. Great insight and comments.

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