A safe place

I have often wondered how you, the reader, see me through the lens of the words I write here, particularly you readers who do not know me in real life, who could not pick my face out of a sea of brunettes (highlighted or no) nor distinguish my drawl from another equally Southern.

But these past couple of weeks, as my site visits have nearly doubled in a single week’s span and I think I may know why, I wonder about those of you who do know me in real life–how do you see me and hear my words? I am careful about what I choose to reveal, but still I fear my words being misconstrued, however inadvertently on either part, the author or the reader.

I told someone last week who had asked about my blog that we bloggers love readers (especially readers who comment, can I get an amen?). But I have to admit that sometimes I miss the early days when the sitemeter only registered 20 something hits a weeks, 18 of which were me checking for the elusive comment to appear. (this before I knew comments could be emailed directly to me)

I’ve told you that blogging is at times an outlet, so much so that sometimes I do wish to be anonymous once again, to be able to speak openly and honestly about the things that weigh heavily on my heart without fear of anyone actually reading them! Lately my heart has been so heavy that I thought it might burst, and maybe at times it did, overflowing in tears. I’ve longed for forum of expression of my grief and I’ve wished for a place to take it, and leave it.

How I forget. I have a place, the best place, a refuge no less, to pour out my heart. It is a safe place and it is the only place to find true peace no matter the depth of my grief. “Trust in him, at all times,” Psalm 62:8 encourages me. “Pour out your heart before him; God is a refuge for us.”

A refuge. A safe place. A secure place. My God is all these things for me, and more. Earlier in the Psalm, in verse 6, David says “He only is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be shaken.” I’ve felt pretty shaken but the Word reminds me that my God protects and strengthens. He only is my rock. He only. Only Him.

Does your heart well up in grief and pain? Are you shaken by difficulties and doubt? Trust the Lord. Pour out your heart before Him. Take it to Him and leave it in His all powerful hands. He is good and He is sovereign. Trust Him.


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

21 thoughts on “A safe place”

  1. A week ago today, a real life nitty gritty thing happened. I was bursting to blog about it but knew that if I did I was actually trespassing the boundaries I had thoughtfully put in place and didn’t deserve to be feelingly blown down.So I went to a safe place, as you’ve aptly described, and He is and always has been all that is necessary, all that is essential, and all that is sweet refuge.And guess what? the blogging world somehow managed to continue without my imagined post. The nerve.

  2. A good word, Lisa, and lesson on taking our deepest hurts to the Father. I have guarded my thoughts on my blog to some degree. I try not to divulge too much of my “stuff”, sometimes writing despite the wounding going on in my own spirit. Somehow, God is always faithful to balance the two.Blogging requires a lot of me; I hope to be able to continue for as along as the words come. peace~elaine

  3. Oh Lisa, this post was so timely for me. I’ve been dealing with all kinds of feelings and thoughts and the temptation to “blog them out,” has been strong. But it simply wouldn’t be appropriate, given the topics and the people who read my blog. What an excellent reminder — that I have a God who is my safe place, my place to let it all out. Thanks.

  4. Boy, do I know what you’re talking about here! You’re absolutely right — the really personal stuff that makes my heart burst is only fit for my journals and the foot of the cross. I’ve learned my lesson about putting things on the internet…not a fun lesson.

  5. I learned a lot about that safe place last year. I am awed when I stop to realize that not only is coming to Christ the SAFEST place to share one’s hurts and fears but it is also the ONLY place one is perfectly understood. Others can sympathize, but He understands.

  6. Amen and amen my friend. I just posted today about HOPE and can tell that even though you are not particularly verbalizing what is troubling you that there is indeed something going on. (I don’t know this for a fact, but I can ‘feel’ it in your words on your post).You are a brilliant writer, an inspiration to many, and more important the daughter to the King.Much Love,Melissa

  7. What a great encouragement, Lisa. I’ve been going through lots lately too and have been sorely tempted to blog it all out, but like others have mentioned also, it would be crossing my personal lines and I’d regret it later. And even if deleted, it’s really still out there in cyberworld. At the feet of Jesus is where my real peace and comfort and wisdom come from. Thanks for reminding me of that once again.

  8. So true. Except. I know I’ve learned the most and been touched more deeply by those who are vulnerable. I often struggle with that fine line between sharing too much and being authentic. Too often, I choose not to share at all. For me, that’s when I’m not honest or true to myself because it can look like I’ve got it all together, when I’m really struggling with many of the same things my “real” friends and fellow bloggers struggle with every day. In this post, you walked that fine line – straight as an arrow. Excellent post.

  9. I’ve often had the thoughts you so clearly expressed. Wondering if people are really understanding who I am. Resisting the urge to write something that should have been guarded…not because I’m hiding, but because its just not meant to be out there for everyone to read. Praying for you during this difficult part of your journey.

  10. I came over from Leslie @ Do You Weary Like I DO? I came once long ago and enjoyed my visit. I was drawn to your title (A New Normal), then came here. My heart goes out to you. Your words could have been my own in many ways. I too (as many) blog, with carefully set guidelines that God has impressed me. I pray that you continue to find solace in the Safe Place underneath His wings!The Lord bless,keep and sustain you,Maria

  11. Many many blessings to you dear ssiter where ever the Lord takes you. I pray you find that place of peace and solace that comes from knowing you are in the center of His will. Hugs to you.

  12. Oh Lisa, you describe something I feel so much too. Just today I wondered if I should make my blog private, but on the other hand I love the encouragment I get from my readers and their comments. Yet…sometimes what I am going through is so personal and many people just. don’t. get. it. It pains me to be misunderstood and I get frustrated by the expectations of people who really haven’t been in my shoes. Sorry for the ramble…I think I am going to have to connect with someone who has walked the same road I am walking for a while and ask them for advice.Whatever you have been going through though, I just want to tell you that I believe you have a pure heart before Jesus and that sometimes it just isn’t possible to please everybody. (((HUGS)))

  13. A good word, Lisa, and lesson on taking our deepest hurts to the Father. I have guarded my thoughts on my blog to some degree. I try not to divulge too much of my "stuff", sometimes writing despite the wounding going on in my own spirit. Somehow, God is always faithful to balance the two.Blogging requires a lot of me; I hope to be able to continue for as along as the words come. peace~elaine

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