Beach Notes

The boys and I have had a lazy couple of days here at the beach while my husband has attended various conference meetings. We swim and we eat (too much). That’s pretty much it. Many of you told me you have prayed that I enjoy a time of rest here at the beach. Well, I’ve had two complete nights of uninterrupted sleep, the only two since this whole deal began!

Yet, still, I am sad. True, I waver between angry and sad, but mostly I am sad. Just this morning I told my husband that I am tired of the grief! I don’t want to be sad anymore, but how do you turn it off?

I started and finished a novel yesterday that wasn’t completely sad, but a little on the depressing side. Not exactly what the doctor ordered! It was a little disappointing in that I have read (and loved) this author’s first two novels, so I picked this one up (paying full price no less) without checking to see if it would enhance or detract from my mood. Turns out it enhanced my mood, the sad one.

Today I will jet ski. I’m not sure that’s exactly what the doctor has ordered either! It will be a first for me and I won’t lie to you and tell you I’m not a little nervous. I am. A lot. My son said, “Mama, you’re going to jet ski?!?! Oh, man, you will have to blog about that!”

Full report to come.


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

9 thoughts on “Beach Notes”

  1. That’s awesome (the jet ski part!) : ) I used to do that a lot back in my crazy days : ) I’ll be praying for your time at the beach….that you will have more smiles and joy today than sadness….that the joy of your kiddos and….mostly the joy of the LORD will overwhelm you with gladness, and you will have no choice but to rejoice (by the stirring of the Spirit, of course!) ; ) Enjoy the beach……I wish I was there! : )

  2. I am thrilled to hear you were able to get some rest!! You asked how to turn it off and I don’t think you always can…I have found that I have had to learn to quit living by emotions and decide to live by what Gods Word has told me…trust me many times I think ok.. fact-I have been hurt beyond measure but ..truth-I am a child of God and HE loves me! Oh how He loves me! and some days I have to remind myself of that hourly. Still praying!!

  3. Can’t wait for that report…We are to rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep. I weep for you sister…but I know God is in it-as you do. He waited four days AFTER Lazarus had died to deliver Mary and Martha from their grief…for His glory…I always remind myself of that story when I am suffering..telling God I am willing to be His servant for His glory! I know you are too! Hugs dear sister.

  4. From the Colvins and Pratts in Missouri:Have safe travel. Hope jetski was a successful venture. Even more, I hope Randy O. took pictures! We are venturing the jetskis tomorrow or Monday.See ya soon.Matt, Ro, Jay, Ally, Hannah, Coop, Ethan, and Emma

  5. Look forward to Jet Ski blogs and lighter moods in the future! While you enjoy your time at the beach, please pray for us as we venture back to church in the morning – my heart remains heavy. I love you guys and look forward to seeing you all again soon.LG

  6. Looking forward to hearing about the jet ski adventure. I’ve never done that either!I understand about the sadness. In a way, I feel like I’ve been grieving for all of 2008, so far, and it stinks. I have to trust that God will use it in some way, to glorify Himself.Glad you got some good sleep…that always seems to help.

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