My oldest son will be attending a cycling camp next week. Nope, I didn’t know there was such a thing either! He, along with (and because of) his daddy, is an avid cyclist. As in bicycles. And spandex. Riding for miles (and hours) on two wheels and a little bitty seat.

Yeah, like Lance. As in Armstrong (though around here, his last name is unnecessary, you know like Madonna or Cher).

Well, my boy is a pretty strong rider, at least among his peloton of 30-something (plus) year old men. This camp will no doubt prove to be a barometer of sorts, measuring his ability versus riders of his own age. Maybe he has true skills, maybe he doesn’t. Either way, it will be a true test of how hard he wants (and needs) to work to improve.

I really, really hope it’s not, but it may turn out to be a humbling experience, revealing his own ordinariness despite his dreams of being something more. (and if so? May he be inspired to work all the harder!)

I was thinking the other day (too much, you’re right) about how blogging has done the exact same thing for me. As I approach the two year mark in my blogging career in a couple of months, I find myself pondering the why’s and the wherefore’s of my blogging. As I venture out in the world wide web, I find a vast number of incredibly talented, amazingly gifted writers. I see my own ordinariness and I am humbled.

My introspection prompts me to wonder why I blog. When I began, it was a hobby, a challenge of sorts to see if I had anything to say as well as the words to say it. In my very first post, I stated that “I am not so interested in a great readership nor large comment counts, rather that these words of mine may somehow encourage others and thereby exalt the Lord Jesus Christ. “

So I wrote. I told my stories and chronicled a considerable number of words. Then, from goodness-knows-where, came a comment. Suddenly, this blogging deal became a little more complicated and I became a little more insecure as I measured comment counts and sitemeter hits.

My fellow bloggers would have to agree: sometimes–and maybe only some times–we live and die by our comment count.

I was talking on the phone the other day with a fellow blogger, one of those gifted and talented writers I deeply respect and admire (I, on the other hand, was so self conscious I could’ve died). She and I were discussing branding in blogging, the challenges of developing a base and increasing readership, and whether or not those were goals we wanted to pursue.

I confessed to her that I really didn’t know where I belong in this big blog world. I write about my children, but only occasionally, so I don’t think I qualify for the mommy blogger circle. I’m no theologian and do not aspire to engage in rich theological debates discussions (though I do love to lurk…and learn). I don’t do crafts nor cook; I’m not funny and fashion is only a necessity and not a hobby.

Is there a category for humble, ordinary women just trying to live for the glory of God in the middle of the mess of their lives? If yes, then that’s me, the ordinary clay pot blogger who longs to reveal the Treasure within–with her life, and with her words.


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

21 thoughts on “Uncategorized”

  1. I for one am glad you blog just the way you do. And I’ve had lots of those same thoughts about why I blog, too. In fact, I’m in one of my, “Should I just quit now?” phases because I feel so very insecure and ordinary. I like the clay pot category. I also am glad to have met you through our blogs. I think ordinary women seeking to glorify God in the very ordinariness of our lives is a very worthy thing, indeed.

  2. Ha! I think it’s working for you. I say be yourself and enjoy what comes your way…Hope your son enjoys cycling camp.

  3. That clay pot bloggers group sounds like a webring waiting to happen. And then a clay pot carnival. And then a clay pot convention. And then….hey, wait a minute, all that just might distract from the whole clay pot point.Just trying to keep the cracks together. Thanks for writing.

  4. What a fabulous opportunity for your boy!! Can’t wait to hear how it goes! And yes, it feels bittersweet thinking about our men on their bikes: riding side by side, as in the old days. ah, well.And since I am the Insecurest of the Insecure Bloggers of the World, I would definitely like to be signed up for the Clay Pot Blogger’s Group. Just let me know who I send the fees to. Thank you. Great post!

  5. I so feel you on the mixed emotions of blogging. I’d consider myself in the Christian Living category, but they don’t have one of those…I think most sites just fall under religion. I love your blog and your writing. I know it is hard not to get caught up in the complications. A few months ago, I was getting 40 comments a post and then recently that dropped and I felt so bummed. But it helped me reevaluate my motives for blogging.

  6. Lisa, you defy categorizing. And that is the very best way to be because that tells me you are you. And that’s why I come here. You have a broad appeal–no need to be pigeonholed.If I lived or died according to my comment count, I’d be pushing up daisies for about the third year running! : D

  7. Do you care if I join your Clay Pot Bloggy group? Cuz I’m feeling ya about not belonging anywhere else. I only hope that we don’t have to wear cycling attire for our uniform. Those tight britches do not rock.Love you my friend!

  8. There better be a category for you because I’m planning on you being around awhile! I love reading your stuff!Hope the camp goes well. Cyclists are big business areound here. Makes me nervous when I see them zipping down the shoulder of a highway.

  9. “Is there a category for humble, ordinary women just trying to live for the glory of God in the middle of the mess of their lives?”Well that’s me too. Maybe we should make our own category. The crackpots, ahem, clay pots category.

  10. I don’t blog, but read yours often as it lifts my heart and walk up daily. Thanks for being an inspiration.

  11. Is there a category for humble, ordinary women just trying to live for the glory of God in the middle of the mess of their lives? If yes, then that’s me, the ordinary clay pot blogger who longs to reveal the Treasure within–with her life, and with her words.Count me in with that group. There’s tremendous beauty in the ordinary.

  12. Can I join too? I so agree with everything you have said, and I too struggle with the same emotions.I have often thought about just not allowing comments becaue I found I do get way too caught up in that…

  13. Looks like I’m late hopping on the bandwagon of the Clay Pot group…but I SOOOO need to be in it.I’ve really been thinking quite a bit lately myself on why I blog, should I blog, who cares if I blog, etc., etc.I never have double-digits of comments, and sometimes that hurts. Especially when I feel I’m putting my heart out there and it seems that no one cares. But, that brings me back to exactly why I blog in the first place.I have made some good friends through blogging, and am so thankful for that. I’ve been inspired and encouraged by others, and that’s also something to be tremendously thankful for.Looks like you’ve got quite a group here…maybe we should call ourselves the Cracked Clay Pots!

  14. I will fully admit there have been times it was all about the comment count for me, too, but now I just write and if people want to add their comments, fine. It’s better that way. I’m a very new reader here and I really look forward to checking in with you every day.

  15. So glad to have found your blog. I often feel the same way…where do I fit?!? Maybe the key is to “not fit” Just write and share life…you’re doing a great job of it!

  16. Very cool about cycling camp (my husband would saw it’s awesome). I was just thinking that the Tour starts in three days (note how the “of France” isn’t needed, just like “Armstrong”) and that our TV will be taken over by all cycling all the time.As for blogging, I understand exactly what you’re saying. But I have to say that I love your blog. I think of you as a mentor of sorts, an encouragement, a teacher, a mom-to-boys that I admire, and a friend. So whatever you’re doing — keep it up!

  17. I stumbled over from breath of life…and I am lovin’ this post. I actually quit once from insecurity (and probably a touch of post pardom, but I digress) and then I kept praying about it and came back for the outlet. I basically have no readership, but I’m enjoying the companionship! We share what moves us. If it moves someone else, how awesome! If not, it didn’t make it any less awesome for us, right? Right! As long as we don’t let a low (or no) response steal our awesome movement! Blog on girls… we belong to His Big Circle… it’s just too big for us to see! But He can see us just fine.Loved reading these comments! Think I might paste ’em into “a pick me up” word doc.

  18. Look at all these comments! This is what happens when I start a new rule limiting how much time I spend on the Internet.First of all, your son’s cycling camp sounds amazing. I hope it is really good for him – both humbling and inspiring – that he comes home feeling satisfied and energized.On blogging… oh boy. Like you, blogging causes all manner of insecurities to surface. I stopped using sitemeter because of it. I try not to count comments, but it is hard. That’s why I’ve recently put myself on an Internet restriction. Less time feeding the insecurities and more time focusing on the Truth of the Lord. I’ve noticed that as my time on the Internet increases, my time in the Word decreases. It’s not good. This is why Hebrews 12:1-3 is so good for me.I love the “Clay Pot” category others have mentioned. It’s just perfect. Don’t let the stats and comments get you. Every part of the body is necessary for the whole. And I enjoy reading your part!

  19. Hey Lisa,Know that I always read your blog…just not everyday. Every couple of weeks I sit for awhile and just read all that you have posted since my last read. You often leave me in tears and often inspire me. I’m just usually too lazy to take the time and comment to let you know how much I enjoy reading your thoughts! πŸ™‚ Love you friend!

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