The beach: A synopsis

I don’t have to tell you, but it takes a lot of stuff for a family of 6 to go to the beach. When we left last Saturday, our vehicle was literally packed to the roof with body boards, beach chair, extra coffee pot (you know it!), food items, and all the other essentials like swimsuits and sunscreen.

It turns out I seriously overpacked, at least as far as clothing for me and my two youngest (the others packed themselves so I cannot claim culpability). Though we had been to this particular beach twice before, it seems I had forgotten that the only options for activity were: 1) go to the beach or 2) go to the pool, thus rendering the number of necessary clothing items to a very few. We did go out to eat once, but other than that, it was pretty much a no makeup kind of week. My favorite kind.

We were there with my husband’s family: his dad and stepmom, his brother and his wife and kids, and his three stepsisters and their families. Twenty four, all total, in two houses. It was great for the kids, as there was always someone willing to go to the beach or to the pool or play cards or rock out on Guitar Hero.

We took walks; we picked up seashells. My two younger sons went on a guided fishing trip with their Grandpa and Daddy, my youngest proudly boasting he caught “three trout, two sharks, and one BIG, HUGE catfish!”
I read–John Adams, which I had already started a couple of weeks prior and still didn’t finish until after we returned. My husband made the comment that he had never seen it take me so long to finish a book! Well, it was long, and not exactly the kind of book that you can skim through. I loved it though. Intriguing, interesting, inspiring–what an amazing life this revolutionary lived!

I took a break from Mr. Adams and read The Host, devouring it in a day and a half. The last several pages I read while at the pool, my husband and kids having left me there alone without me even realizing it! Picture this: me alone by the pool, completely and totally engrossed in this novel, tears in my eyes. No doubt the other pool patrons thought me strange indeed!

Yeah, it’s a weird story of aliens inhabiting humans, but it is good. I couldn’t read anything else for a day or so after finishing it! I have to thank Jennifer of Snapshot and 5 Minutes for Mom for her review and recommendation; otherwise it is a book I would have not picked on my own and I would have missed a thoroughly enjoyable and engrossing read!

By Thursday of our trip, I was ready to be home. I missed checking email, but mostly I missed home. Going is fun, but I always, always love to come home. I am a true hermit homebody. I’ve described to you my joy in coming home and how it never fails to remind me of my hope in my Home to come–this time was no different. There is no place like home!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

16 thoughts on “The beach: A synopsis”

  1. Sounds like a wonderful vacation! And you really have a beautiful family.Jennifer got me intrigued by The Host too, although I haven’t picked it up yet. I’m going to try to use self-control and wait until it’s in paperback. We’ll see if I can hold out — your recommendation just adds to my interest.

  2. Nice to see your great looking family! Glad that you had such a good time at the beach. I’m actually reading one of your recommendations right now, Stephen Lawhead’s Hood. Pretty good, Lisa Writes. Thanks for the review.

  3. The picture is great! But it makes me wanna see your family! Glad you had a relaxing time and plentiful reading. Yes, HOME is the best place to be.

  4. Your family is beautiful. Sounds like a wonderful vacation. I live close to the beach and rarely go but I know if I ever moved I would totally miss it!!I am a homebody too, I guess thats why I don’t go to the beach too often πŸ™‚

  5. Your vacation sounds a lot like the family vacation we took in early June. We went to a resort in Wisconsin with my husbands family, 20 in all. 4 days, 2 lodges/houses, lots of swimming, too. We also sat out by a campfire each night, telling stories and roasting marshmallows. I have 3 boys total, they look to be around the age of your boys. Mine are 13,10 and 10. Yes, I have twins. I too enjoyed coming home. There is no better place to be.

  6. Sounds like you all had a great time! I love the photo. I really must check out that book the Host I have been hearing so much about it, even though the genre isn’t really what I would normally read.

  7. I hear ya. I have a family of 7 and it is always a chore to get everything packed and everyone in the car.We are headed to the beach at the end of the summer…I hope you had a wonderful trip.I found you through Becoming Me’s blog.It’s nice to meet you.Julie

  8. Welcome home. Your trip sounds a lot like ours just a few weeks ago. Though I did not overpack this time and wished I’d brought a bigger coffee maker. I loved our time away, but there really is no vacation for the mama, especially with a two year old. I was ready to come home a day early. There really is no place like Home!

  9. Sounds like a great vacation. I’m glad you had fun. Thanks for the book recommendation, too – I’ll have to look into it. I wouldn’t have thought you were weird, I do the same thing. And it’s a running joke in our family about how I overpack, even when I consciously try to pack light.Glad you’re back! By the way, like Elle, I am also reading Hood and greatly enjoying it.

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