Thoughts on Mother’s Day, a day late

As a daughter…
I’ve told you before that my mom is an amazing woman. She is a wonderful cook; she gardens, she paints, she sews. So I guess you might would say we are not much alike, she and I. Yet as I reflect on my mom and the legacy she models for me, a legacy which by the way has nothing to do with biscuits made from scratch and everything to do with serving the Lord Jesus by serving my husband and children, I recall the mornings of my growing up years when I would find my mother out on the porch with her cup of coffee and her Bible. I knew then, as I know now, that she was praying for us, her children. It’s funny and it’s something I didn’t realize until recently, but I do the exact same thing. I sit on my porch, I drink my coffee, I read my Bible, I pray for my children. Just like my mom. I am grateful this Mother’s Day, and every day, for a godly mother who loves and serves the Lord Jesus.

As a Mom…
A couple of tables over from us at lunch yesterday sat a family: a mom, a dad and a son. Only one son, though there once were two. This particular family suffered the loss of their teenage son in a car accident last year. I cannot imagine how difficult a day like Mother’s Day must be for that mom. Or any day for that matter. I silently prayed for her as I observed their quiet, subdued lunch. May the Lord offer her the comfort and strength that only He can provide.

And for you, too, should you be reading this and should days like Mother’s Day offer more grief than joy because of your own loss.

On Mother’s Day, as I am treated to gifts and lunch and someone else washing the dishes, I marvel at the blessing as well as the challenge of being a mom, and four times over at that. What a joy. What a privilege. What a heartache. What a calling. May I not take it for granted!

Notes on the above pics: The one of me and my mom was taken at my brother’s wedding last summer. I hesitate to post it because, well, that’s not how I really look most days. If you picture me in jeans and a tee shirt, no make up, in glasses, well, that would be more accurate. You know, just keeping it real.

And the one of me and the boys? Can you guess which child is contrary? Note the post its on the microwave…


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

11 thoughts on “Thoughts on Mother’s Day, a day late”

  1. You are so cute! What a great post and tribute to your mom.And the post-its on the microwave crack me up. (BTW, I LOVE your yellow walls!)Let’s see, contrary. . . could it be the one not looking at the camera?!They all look like they have plenty of personality and testosterone!!

  2. Oh thank you for posting these pictures. I particularly like the one of you and your boys. It’s great. And I feel like it’s a little glimpse into your life. Love those crazy boys! “well, that’s not how I really look most days.”All the same, you clean up well, pretty lady.

  3. Your boys are all so handsome! And you, not surprisingly, are beautiful — whether in casual mode or fancy mode.

  4. A fine tribute to mothers. And those younins’? Well, you are blessed with an abundance! I have 4 also and can’t think most days, but am grateful for the fullness I know because of them.Thank you for sharing…~elaine

  5. I loved this post! I didn’t realize you were a mother of four boys. I have three. . . and can relate! Your picture with your mom is so nice. Thank you for sharing and being such an inspiration!P.S. I think there is a special place in heaven for moms of boys!

  6. What a legacy. It’s a gift both to you and your boys. I’ll also echo the previous commenters — I loved the pictures. It’s wonderful to get a better look at your sweet face, whether it’s ready for a wedding or ready for adventure.

  7. You are adorable!! Happy Mother’s Day!I love the picture of your boys. What a bunch of handsome young guys. I have three boys, but somehow four seems like a whole lot more. 🙂

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