Status Report–April, almost May

*UPDATED* for Leslie…

Sitting at my dining room table, papers and books and Bibles and file folders strewn about. (See above)

Drinking coffee, black. (of course)

Enjoyed a performance of Oliver! Saturday night. Had tickets for the back row, got bumped up to the front row, which my kids loved (and hey, I did as well!). Did you know I once wanted to be a stage actress? And if I could sing, I think musical theater would be the funnest ever? You know, IF I could sing!

Discussed a life of faith in Bible study last night.

Pondering the question, what would my life be like if I totally believed God?

Bracing for the frantic pace of May, my second most hated month after December.

Feeling like an idiot because I wrote an entry for the Christian Women Online writing contest but I thought that the deadline was the 26th. Turns out it was the 21st. What an idiot.

Reading…well, you may not believe this, but I’m not reading hardly anything at all. I occasionally read a page or two while sitting in the dreaded car line, but I haven’t actually done any substantial reading in what feels like ages.

Memorizing (still) Romans 8. I’m currently working on verses 18-22. Yes, it’s looking like this will no doubt turn into a year long project. Evidently a thirty nine year old brain (and then some) has slightly more difficulty retaining information than, well, you get the idea…

Looking forward to The Preacher’s Wife speaking at our Ladies’ Banquet Saturday. Except I have soccer duty and plan to make a mad dash from the match to the banquet hopefully in time to hear her speak.

Worrying about one son in particular…

Praying for my friend with a colicky baby, as well as my friend who wants so desperately to have a baby…

Thankful (still) that the Lord’s mercies are new every morning. I need His mercy this morning, as every morning. Great is His faithfulness!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

9 thoughts on “Status Report–April, almost May”

  1. I love this. Wish I could be sitting at your table with you and a cup of coffee. Except I HAVE to have sugar and cream or milk.May is one of my favorites weather-wise. But I was just lying in bed earlier and contemplating all the things on the calendar in the next 4 weeks and wanting to pull the covers back over my head!

  2. Wish my desk looked as neat as yours – even while strewn.I’m moving slowly in my memorization, too (Col. 1) and I’ve got about 3 different books going with real time for none of them.Hang in there, friend. Wish I could share a cup of coffee and good conversation over that table, too.

  3. I’m with Linda…gotta have cream & Splenda! But I do wish I were there with you. I enjoy the weather in May, now that the pollen is starting to die down some. As far as goings on…we don’t seem to have that much yet. I’m not sure how that happened…but I hope it stays that way.And you’re not reading?! I nearly fell out of my chair when I read that one!

  4. Okay Lisa, so let’s not just go see the whole backstage…let’s try out. It’s always been one of my dreams to be on stage too. If it weren’t for my nerves that is… Where did you get to see Oliver? That was one of my favorites growing up.Ally

  5. I am ready for May, because I’m really ready for some nicer weather. It is a busy month with a full schedule for us too.Thanks for sharing!

  6. “True confessions: I straightened up the table somewhat prior to snapping the picture. Just keepin’ it real…”I was thinking that the items on the table were slightly perpendicular. Me too on the Splenda and cream. and You’ve been keeping up with Excellent Wife. I’m keeping up too. But just not posting about it.

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