A Tuesday kind of post

Tuesdays are weird for me. With all due respect for those who actually suffer from the real thing, please know I do not intend to demean the reality of your struggle, but on Tuesdays I feel like I’m ADHD, all my attention definitely in the deficit category.

I can’t help but wonder why. What makes Tuesdays unique in my ability to accomplish absolutely nothing, save flitting around from one thing to the next, totally lacking in concentration, easily distracted and none too worried about it? See, that’s the good thing about Tuesdays: I get nothing done and I like it that way. Not the same way I feel about getting nothing done on other days.

I will, of course, repent of my carefree ways with a boatload of guilt incurred when my husband gets home and asks, “So, what did you do today?” “Nothing much,” I will answer and brace myself for the inevitable self condemnation.

But this is now, and for now, I relish the weirdness that is Tuesday.

Maybe my Tuesdays have something to do with my Mondays. Monday is Bible study day. Nothing else. I am usually behind in my teaching preparation so I spend nearly all day long immersed in Bible study, commentaries and various translations sprawled out on my dining room table as I frantically type out my lesson on my laptop, only to pour it all out in a kind of pressure-release torrent of words a little after 7 pm on a Monday evening.

Monday: intense, concentrated, furious and focused.

Tuesday: freeform, carefree, loose and lazy.

So, this is a Tuesday kind of post, scattered, scrambled and strewn about, making little or no sense and comprising little or no deep thought. A slice of my Tuesday kind of life, if you will.

Y’all remember when I was on the hunt for some new tunes? Well, I bought Jennifer Knapp‘s cd, Jennifer Knapp The Collection and LOVE it. I think maybe “Martyrs and Thieves” is my favorite. But I also really really like “Into You” and “Refine Me.” Okay, so I really really like them all. I heard on the radio awhile back she’s not making music anymore? All I can say in response is this: Jennifer, if you’re out there (as if!), MAKE ANOTHER ALBUM!

Read this, a young mom’s decision to be at home though raised in day care herself. She offers wise advice to young women who have yet to begin families of their own.

HT: Carolyn at Radical Womanhood

The 5 am club, well, I think I’m on probation. Or very well should be, you know, if it were like an real club or something. Actually, if it were like a real club, my membership would no doubt be revoked. The time change did me in. Leslie and I intended to hold each other accountable, but I’ve been too embarassed to email her and confess.

So, instead, I’ll just confess to you all (all five of you actually reading the Tuesday kind of thought pattern going on here): I can’t get out of the bed.

His mercies are new every morning and in the morning. Even at 5 am. Maybe I’ll rise and see for myself.

Speaking of Leslie, her reading club kicks off Friday as we discuss Chapter One of The Excellent Wife. Leslie has some excellent questions to ponder here.


Remember me on my hands and knees cleaning the floor of my pantry because of some sort of twisted pride issues over what the pest control man might think of me as a housekeeper? Well, he didn’t come on Monday after all. He came today, Tuesday. No need after all to spend Easter breaking the command to honor the Sabbath and keep it holy. That’s what you might call ironic.


Look, I have a friend!

Thanks to my fellow mom to four sons at Do You Weary Like I Do?


And finally, I’m a canna (If only I knew what that is, exactly. Any gardening gurus want to tell me? Is a canna a compliment?):

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

HT: Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee

Happy Tuesday!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

8 thoughts on “A Tuesday kind of post”

  1. Hello, Miss “Canna!” Thanks for the shout-out there. I think maybe your Tuesday is a mini-Sabbath after the long, hard work of Monday?

  2. Lisa, I really loved the article concerning stay at home moms. My feelings, exactly and she said it so well. Thank you for passing it along.

  3. Right now, my Dad preaches three to four times each weekend, between Saturday and Sunday services. He’s a vegetable Sunday night and Monday morning. In fact, he routinely takes Monday mornings off, so he can recoup from the mental and emotional toll. So I think your Tuesday lag makes total sense.Oh! And I’m a sunflower. But I love cannas. They are beautiful.

  4. Not only does she not make music anymore, I don’t think many people even know where she is! She’s essentially disappeared. There are also some ugly rumors out there about… well, I don’t want to take part in gossip. I suppose the only thing to do is enjoy the music she’s made and say a prayer for her that she finds her way back into God’s mighty arms… after all, that’s more important than her ever recording another note of music!If you like Ms. Knapp, try these two suggestions: Nichole Nordeman and Vicki Beeching. Really good stuff!!See Ya, God Bless 🙂

  5. You are so funny. About our 5 AM memberships: The time change didn’t bother me. My husband going out of town did me in. He’s been gone so much the last two months, it’s really thrown my whole day/night pattern. When do you want to try again?Turns out I’m a snapdragon, but the description doesn’t really fit me. At least I don’t think so. I’m not really a prankster.I like Jennifer Knapp, too. She just kind of fell off the earth, or something.

  6. I totally get the vegged out day. Mine’s usually Thursday, since we have our Bible Study on Wednesday. It’s the loss of all that adrenaline that does it.Loved all your rambling thoughts.And since we just had Easter, on these recent mornings that I have been fighting with the alarm, the old Keith Green song keeps going through my head that has the line, “Jesus rose from the dead, and you, you can’t even get out of bed!”

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