Yes, I rock. Amanda says so.

Amanda at A Patchwork of Books has named me a “Rockin’ Girl Blogger”! How cool is that? Besides that, she’s a sweet young thing of 24, so for her to consider me as one who rocks, well, that’s just icing on the cake! Like me, Amanda is an avid bookworm and I think you’ll find her reviews of young adult and children’s literature intriguing and insightful.

So now I get to nominate some of my favorite “Rockin’ Girl” Bloggers, and please note I said “some” as I have many favorite bloggers who totally rock. One of the downfalls of these meme/award type deals is having to choose!

The Preacher’s Wife
Her name is Lisa. She is the mom of four. She lives in Alabama. In a small town no less, not too far from here. She’s a Bible teacher and speaker. Evidently she and I have been living parallel lives and it took the great blog world for us to meet. If I rock, then so does she.

Elle at A Complete Thought
I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: this girl is some kind of talented with the keyboard. The computer kind. She can flat write! I am so very grateful she shares her wisdom and profound insight with the rest of us; I for one am the better for it! Despite a slight disagreement over beaches versus mountains (which will ONLY be resolved through a couple of field trips, don’t you think, Elle?) she and I are friends.

Rebekah at Sweet Tea with Lemon
A blog friend who shares a similar journey. She and I are definitely kindred spirits, as Anne of Green Gables would say. I’m so glad our blog paths crossed! Rebekah writes with honesty and transparency that sometimes feels like she’s reading my mail! Plus, she’s a poet!


Author: Lisa Spence

Wife, mother, Bible teacher, bibliophile, occasional blogger

3 thoughts on “Yes, I rock. Amanda says so.”

  1. Ooooh, Lisa! How cool to be considered rockin’ by the one who writes! and invites me on field trips? Woo hoo! I am in on that. So when do you want to go? I’ll get my mom to sign my note and everything! Thanks again, friend.

  2. Lisa #1 – Of course we rock…was there any question?? :)) I’ve got my post up….Thanks so much for thinking of me…we have GOT to meet soon! :)The Other

  3. Wow! Thank you, kindred spirit friend!! I want to go on the field trip, too! Can we leave today?I’ll get my post up when I’ve got time to get to the blog soon, kids are running hither and yon with two separate VBS’s going on this week…..

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